Our professional design team has built a packaging strategy (coffee bags – cups – boxes – paper bags) for Mondo coffee in Europe.


Our creative team has built a packaging strategy that includes (paper stickers – wrapping paper – envelopes – carton boxes and bags) for Fabulous Clothing Company in the Iraqi market.


A new achievement has been recorded to our portfolio by our creative team by creating a branding strategy for modern coffeehouses as a ready project for interested people.

Fast Fresh

A unique project with fresh colors implemented by our team in the graphic design department of Fast – Fresh Restaurant, which includes the packaging process (boxes of burgers, fries, and broasted – packaging for delivery – and packaging for Cola toys) as a ready-made project for people interested.

Sena Beauty & Spa

Creativity knows no bounds. in the magical world of packaging  the creators of graphic design  implement (cardboard boxes – stickers – paper packaging – various cream boxes) for the field of skin care and massage for women, as a project ready for interested persons.


A new achievement within our business portfolio in creating a packaging strategy (a variety of jewelry boxes of different sizes – carton bags) for our modern jewelry in the Iraqi market.


One of the achievements of the creative design team and teamwork with love, mastery and professionalism gives the best results by implementing packaging strategy (carton honey boxes – sticker glass boxes – carton bag – envelopes for honey packaging – carton bags) for Al-Essawi Honey Company in America.


The unique design helps in selling, attracts customers, and leaves a professional feel. The design enthusiasts are creative in implementing packaging (a variety of jewelry boxes of different sizes – cardboard bags) for my Maktabi jewelry in Turkey, Istanbul.


Correct product packaging increases sales and makes the products look more beautiful. A project for packaging (perfume boxes – cardboard bags – paper stickers) for Gulnar Perfumes Company in Canada.

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